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The strength of knowledge and experience

TechAf is the gathering of experts from different fields wishing to join forces to offer a strong, comprehensive and reliable service. The company is based in Canada and offers its services all over the world.

Jake Painchaud

Chairman of the TechAf Board

Mr. Painchaud comes from the world of finance. His accomplishments are recognized as first rate in a sector of rigor and confidence. Mr. Painchaud is responsible for setting TechAf orientations from a sustainable operation philosophy.


Laurent Larry Vézina

General manager

Mr. Vézina is in charge of the efficient operation of TechAf. He has proven and prestigious international expertise. Among other things, he is responsible for carrying out the strategic plan and organizational adaptation to global best practices.

Franck Laumondais

Data Analysis Director

Mr. Laumondais is a world-renowned specialist in analyzing data whether it be Big, Rough or Fine. He is responsible for revealing the "Data underlying meanings" which make it possible to distinguish the secondary aspects from fundamental challenges faced by industrial operations in the 21st Century. These analyzes clarify the elements of concentration to improve within the framework of accelerated processes.

Pierre Tremblay

Senior advisor with extensive IT experience. Expert in large projects with complexity and high risks technological challenges. Specialist of the telecommunication sector both for "customer exposed services" or back office functions. Comfortable in several areas such as architecture, software, security, data and infrastructure and cloud computing.


Michel Lambert

Rail Operations Senior Training Advisor

Mr. Lambert has over 40 years of experience in the rail industry. A recognized specialist in industrial, passenger and mining rail operations, his clients are major players in the industry: Glencore, QNSL, RioTinto Alcan, Alcoa-CBG among others.


Guy Bourdeau

Senior advisor for industrial equipment

Mr. Bourdeau has developed extremely fine expertise in identifying customer needs and related innovative techniques capable of ensuring the meeting between customer budgets and the success of the client's project goals.


Jean-Claude Lacour

Specialist in industrial production, Mr. Lacour has an engineering degree. He is a recognized expert in the following fields:
  • Continuous improvement,
  • Best practices and industrial productivity,
  • Factory and workstation layout,
  • Work organization,
  • Operations management,
  • Quality control
  • Supply chain and logistics.

Large companies such as ABB and Bombardier have benefited from his expert advice.

Michel Poirier

Senior advisor Mechanical maintenance of locomotives

Mr. Poirier is an expert in the operation of locomotives. Its skills are recognized for all aspects related to the maintenance of locomotives, the training of personnel with regard to their operation as well as for all elements relating to regulations in respect of locomotives in the rail and industrial sectors.


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